Monday, November 18, 2013

The revision of the revision

So, after many tries and failures, we decided that change was good for the sake of the project. So we changed the beginning and the middle part a bit. So here are the new steps:
  1. Paper airplane is thrown and hits a cardboard wall.
  2. Cardboard wall falls, making ball roll.
  3. Ball rolls on incline plane and hits a ball, causing ball to start to move.
  4. Ball goes into cup suspended on pulley
  5. Cup is dragged down and cup on other side is raised 35 cm.
  6. Raised cup hits bottom of first class lever (with car on lever), causing lever to move up.
  7. Change in lever causes car to roll off lever and hits dominoes, causing the dominoes to start to move.
  8. Dominoes move and hits the pendulum, swinging it.
  9. Pendulum knocks more dominoes.
  10. Dominoes hit mini chair, causing it to lean the other way.
  11. Mini chair hits even more dominoes.
  12. Falling domino hits ball, causing it to roll.
  13. Ball hits even more dominoes.
  14. Dominoes hit train, causing it to move.
  15. Train hits dominoes.
  16. Dominoes hits a Golf Ball.
  17. Ball rolls off table, pulling Jenga Box
  18. Jenga Box falls off of table
  19. Box pulls on rope attached to a mechanism holding an electric car still, thus releasing the electric train.  
  20. Electric train hits book.
  21. Book falls off table and hits a box.
  22. Box then flips on side and throws out a fake rat.
  23. Fake rat falls on tennis ball, causing it to roll.
  24. Tennis ball rolls down an inclined plane and knocks into marbles, knocking it over
  25. Marbles spill out onto the inclined plane .
  26. Marbles roll into the pitcher, knocking it over.
  27. Pitcher releases musical note candies/cookies and the bowl is filled with them.

So here is the final project!

(We were allowed to take 2 different shots and put them into 1)

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