Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Basics

Our group name is SOTCA, and our Edgar Allen Poe machine is called How to Give a Musical Cat a Treat. We are incorporating cats and music into an overall theme of meow-sic.  This machine has five different simple machines: a pulley, a lever, an inclined plane, wheel/axle, and a wedge. These five simple machines are being used as they are broad enough to be able to use them in creative ways. As for the challenge of raising an object 35 centimeters into the air, we are using a pulley with cups attached on either side. One cup will have water in it, and the other cup will be empty. The water cup will be heavier and on the ground at the start and the empty cup will be 35 cm in the air. When a ball is pushed into the empty cup, the new weight of that cup will cause the cup to drop, lifting the water cup up 35 cm. The next post will include a blueprint of the entire machine with an explanation so that the whole idea can start to take place.

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