Sunday, November 10, 2013

Step Update

This is an update on what steps are currently done and working (starting at the first step): the paper airplane is made, and when thrown causes ball to roll, hitting the other ball, making that ball go in the cup and set off the pulley system. This system causes the empty cup to hit the lever, causing the car to move. Starting from the last step (when we started working in two pairs on build day 2), these are the working steps: the pitcher does release the candy into the bowl (we have been testing with paper), the marbles roll into the pitcher and their weight causes it to tip over, the tennis ball does add enough weight to cause the marbles to overcome the "wall", the rat has enough force when hitting the tennis ball to cause it to move, the box tipping over launches the rat, and the book has enough weight to cause box to flip over when it falls off the table. Some steps in the middle that were built are the pendulum, which hits the mini chair (and makes it fall over), and the domino system (starting with the chair hitting it and ending where the wedge will be). We are currently on schedule with our game plan and will have our last build day on Tuesday. Pictures of the steps will be on the Build Day 3 post.

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