Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day Five and :/

So today is sunday and our meeting did not go well........ at ALL. We all kinda hit the bottom and got really frustrated in the quality of our work. We didn't understand why something wasn't working-- all of the science was there. We're going to try to meet again tomorrow but who knows at this point. We changed what felt like a million steps and when we solved one problem, another seemed to arise. We actually got to a point when every time we began to film it got worse. We all have a conspiracy theory that we would like to share with you: The SOTCA Edgar Allan Poe Machine is very camera shy. It loves to work when not being filmed, and will literally start on its own and go all the way to the end, but when the camera is out, all bets are off. : /

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  1. Wow- so Poe of you...It is the nature of science and variables that if you change one thing, it can easily change everything that comes after it. Welcome to the world of science. As for the pragmatic part of this, do you have anything filmed? I would very much like to chat with your group to see if I can help.