Friday, November 8, 2013

Build Day 2!!

We decided to use different methods today because the other ones just weren't working... and they actually worked! Instead of working as a whole group, we worked as two pairs. Kathryn and Anna kept on working from the beginning to the end, while Emma and Jakob started at the end and worked backward, and they met in the middle. As of today, we have all of the components built, we just need to connect the last ones. Then we are on to recording! However, there were some failures, as always with these kinds of projects, the lower are enclosed. We have pictures of both successful parts and unsuccessful parts.
First part while making improvements.

First part improved. 

Pitcher attached to bowl.

Ramp and pitcher attached to bowl.

Trying to get ramp to stay on bowl while keeping pitcher on bowl as well.

Trying to get marbles behind a wall.

A failed attempt for the wall keeping the marbles back.

Experimental method of keeping marbles stationary

Most edited version of machine.

Us building the machine. 

Improved wall to keep marbles back. 

Us finishing up the wall. 

End of day 2!

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