Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Build Day 3!!!

As promised, here is our build day 3 post! We have gotten so many loose ends tied up today and now, all we need are the cookies to complete it. Emma and Anna worked together today on the last steps, and Kathryn and Jakob worked on the first steps. Since our updates have been made, our machine is now running fairly smoothly and will have the final product finished by tomorrow if all goes as planned and Emma's cats don't mess with it (that was a joke). It appears as though nothing will happen and it will be smooth sailing from here. Check our last posts for the new updated steps :). Now, here are some pictures of what we have accomplished today. These pictures will also serve as documentation of our completed steps and the worth of their success. We are so happy to have been able to work together on this project and these pictures are a great reflection of this. It's been great fun to have been able to collaborate on this with Emma, Jakob, and Kathryn and we are all so excited to see the final product's presentation. 

Beginning of Day 3!

Domino steps.

Working on finalizing steps.

First steps

First steps (lever/pulley steps)

Working on first steps (finalizing).

Final steps (start of day).

Final steps (end of day).

Final steps (q-t).

First steps (steps a-j).

Steps a-j.

Pulley system with final steps behind it.

Domino system.

Final steps. 

Steps k-p.

Rat in box (step o).

End of Day 3!

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