Monday, November 18, 2013

The revision of the revision

So, after many tries and failures, we decided that change was good for the sake of the project. So we changed the beginning and the middle part a bit. So here are the new steps:
  1. Paper airplane is thrown and hits a cardboard wall.
  2. Cardboard wall falls, making ball roll.
  3. Ball rolls on incline plane and hits a ball, causing ball to start to move.
  4. Ball goes into cup suspended on pulley
  5. Cup is dragged down and cup on other side is raised 35 cm.
  6. Raised cup hits bottom of first class lever (with car on lever), causing lever to move up.
  7. Change in lever causes car to roll off lever and hits dominoes, causing the dominoes to start to move.
  8. Dominoes move and hits the pendulum, swinging it.
  9. Pendulum knocks more dominoes.
  10. Dominoes hit mini chair, causing it to lean the other way.
  11. Mini chair hits even more dominoes.
  12. Falling domino hits ball, causing it to roll.
  13. Ball hits even more dominoes.
  14. Dominoes hit train, causing it to move.
  15. Train hits dominoes.
  16. Dominoes hits a Golf Ball.
  17. Ball rolls off table, pulling Jenga Box
  18. Jenga Box falls off of table
  19. Box pulls on rope attached to a mechanism holding an electric car still, thus releasing the electric train.  
  20. Electric train hits book.
  21. Book falls off table and hits a box.
  22. Box then flips on side and throws out a fake rat.
  23. Fake rat falls on tennis ball, causing it to roll.
  24. Tennis ball rolls down an inclined plane and knocks into marbles, knocking it over
  25. Marbles spill out onto the inclined plane .
  26. Marbles roll into the pitcher, knocking it over.
  27. Pitcher releases musical note candies/cookies and the bowl is filled with them.

So here is the final project!

(We were allowed to take 2 different shots and put them into 1)

                                            Scientific Analysis and Description/Picture of Machine

                                                  This Rube Goldberg machine exhibits many scientific aspects. This can be shown starting from the beginning when the object hits the wall (it is thrown so it has applied force acting upon it), pushing it against the ball. This shows a transfer in momentum (Seretis). Then, when the ball is pushed and starts to roll down the inclined plane, it picks up speed due to acceleration of gravity on an incline (a simple machine) ("Determining g on an Incline" 1). This ball then hits another ball, transferring energy again, causing the ball to roll into the cup on the pulley system (a simple machine). The added weight to the cup allows this cup to move downwards, bringing the other cup up. This demonstrates a change in potential energy to kinetic energy on the cup moving down (a transfer of energy), and kinetic energy to potential energy on the cup moving upwards at least 35cm (a transfer of energy). Kinetic energy is energy in motion while potential energy is the possible energy of an object (Seretis). Therefore, when the cup is at the highest point of the pulley system, it has the maximum amount on kinetic energy, and when it starts to move the potential energy changes into kinetic energy, and vise versa. The other cup hits the first class lever. This force acted upon one side of the first class lever (in which the direction of input force is opposite from the output force) causes the other side of the lever (a simple machine) to go down, making a train car on the lever roll down (due to gravity) (Seretis). The train car has wheels which have axles, so it is also a simple machine. The train car hits a series of dominoes which transfer momentum into each other to fall. These dominoes hit a pendulum, which swings (showing centripetal force, as it is keeping in a circular arc of motion) (Seretis) and hits more dominoes, which fall on a ball. This ball starts to roll, having frictional force act against it as two objects are rubbing together (the ball and the table) (Seretis), and it hits more dominoes which fall into a train car which rolls and hits more dominoes which fall and hit a golf ball. The golf ball hits a wedge (another simple machine used to push in between objects) (Seretis). The wedge is in between a basketball and a table. When the wedge moves, it causes the basketball to roll off the table. This basketball is attached to a jenga box. When the basketball falls, due to the gravitational force acting upon it (Seretis) it causes the jenga box to also fall off the table as the momentum is too great for the jenga box to counteract it. Also, the jenga box falls due to tension force as the string has enough tension to pull it along with the basketball (Seretis). This shows gravity to kinetic as the gravity is acting as the potential energy (gravitational potential energy) to transfer into kinetic energy (a transfer of energy) (Seretis). This combined weight causes a switch that was attached to the jenga box to flip, releasing an electric toy train (electric to kinetic- the electricity is making the kinetic energy) to move (a transfer of energy) (Seretis). This car then moves towards a book, and it hits a wedge between the book and the piano bench. The book falls off the table, hitting the end of a basket (with a rat on the side not hit). The box falls over because of the unbalanced weight, and the rat flies off and hits another book, causing it to fall over. This falling book hits a tennis ball, which starts to roll. The tennis ball runs into marbles, causing them to roll over the bump keeping them from falling. All of the balls roll down and hit a small bowl with a wedge underneath it, causing it to tip and deposit cookies into a bowl. The simple task this machine completes is putting cookies in the bowl. The name of this machine is "How to Give a Musical Cat a Treat". 

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                                            Sunday, November 17, 2013

                                            Day Five and :/

                                            So today is sunday and our meeting did not go well........ at ALL. We all kinda hit the bottom and got really frustrated in the quality of our work. We didn't understand why something wasn't working-- all of the science was there. We're going to try to meet again tomorrow but who knows at this point. We changed what felt like a million steps and when we solved one problem, another seemed to arise. We actually got to a point when every time we began to film it got worse. We all have a conspiracy theory that we would like to share with you: The SOTCA Edgar Allan Poe Machine is very camera shy. It loves to work when not being filmed, and will literally start on its own and go all the way to the end, but when the camera is out, all bets are off. : /

                                            Friday, November 15, 2013

                                            Step Review

                                            Here is just a review of the steps we have done (you can also access this on build day 3):

                                            Domino steps.

                                            First steps

                                            First steps (lever/pulley steps)

                                            Final steps.

                                            Final steps.

                                            Final steps (q-t).

                                            First steps (steps a-j).

                                            Steps a-j.

                                            Pulley system with final steps behind it.

                                            Domino system.

                                            Final steps. 

                                            Rat in box (step o).

                                            Wednesday, November 13, 2013

                                            Build Day 4!!!!

                                            We... had difficulties. Yeah. It appears that Emma's cats indeed messed with the machine. We had to change the lever, book system, the domino system, the pulley system, the pendulum system, the rat system, and the mini chair part.
                                            Here's some pictures and we'll probably meet Sunday from 2 to 7.
                                            New book system.

                                            Latest version.

                                            Piano bench part per latest edit.

                                            Bench system (new).

                                            End of Day 4!

                                            Another Step Update

                                            Ok, so we decided to make another change to our Rube Goldburg machine, as everyone knows, you keep trying until you get it. So the change we made are:

                                            The dominos on the piano bench now hit the ball which rolls and hits more dominos, which then hits the books which now has a wedge underneath it, and then the book falls off of the table like planned.

                                            So that was the only change we made. So... yeah. 
                                            Here is the new change!

                                            Tuesday, November 12, 2013

                                            Build Day 3!!!

                                            As promised, here is our build day 3 post! We have gotten so many loose ends tied up today and now, all we need are the cookies to complete it. Emma and Anna worked together today on the last steps, and Kathryn and Jakob worked on the first steps. Since our updates have been made, our machine is now running fairly smoothly and will have the final product finished by tomorrow if all goes as planned and Emma's cats don't mess with it (that was a joke). It appears as though nothing will happen and it will be smooth sailing from here. Check our last posts for the new updated steps :). Now, here are some pictures of what we have accomplished today. These pictures will also serve as documentation of our completed steps and the worth of their success. We are so happy to have been able to work together on this project and these pictures are a great reflection of this. It's been great fun to have been able to collaborate on this with Emma, Jakob, and Kathryn and we are all so excited to see the final product's presentation. 

                                            Beginning of Day 3!

                                            Domino steps.

                                            Working on finalizing steps.

                                            First steps

                                            First steps (lever/pulley steps)

                                            Working on first steps (finalizing).

                                            Final steps (start of day).

                                            Final steps (end of day).

                                            Final steps (q-t).

                                            First steps (steps a-j).

                                            Steps a-j.

                                            Pulley system with final steps behind it.

                                            Domino system.

                                            Final steps. 

                                            Steps k-p.

                                            Rat in box (step o).

                                            End of Day 3!

                                            Updated Steps

                                            Hello loyal viewers! We have recently made some changes to the original blueprint such as the removal of our wedge after the domino step. We have moved that wedge to the end, right before the pitcher comes into the picture. Also, the ball that was supposed to hit the pendulum was moved to behind the chair so that the chair will hit the ball, which will then hit the dominoes, flowing into our domino steps. Thank you and stay tuned for more posts and updates. There will be a new post for the final product within the next few days. Build Day 3 will come in a few minutes. Thanks again!

                                            Sunday, November 10, 2013

                                            Step Update

                                            This is an update on what steps are currently done and working (starting at the first step): the paper airplane is made, and when thrown causes ball to roll, hitting the other ball, making that ball go in the cup and set off the pulley system. This system causes the empty cup to hit the lever, causing the car to move. Starting from the last step (when we started working in two pairs on build day 2), these are the working steps: the pitcher does release the candy into the bowl (we have been testing with paper), the marbles roll into the pitcher and their weight causes it to tip over, the tennis ball does add enough weight to cause the marbles to overcome the "wall", the rat has enough force when hitting the tennis ball to cause it to move, the box tipping over launches the rat, and the book has enough weight to cause box to flip over when it falls off the table. Some steps in the middle that were built are the pendulum, which hits the mini chair (and makes it fall over), and the domino system (starting with the chair hitting it and ending where the wedge will be). We are currently on schedule with our game plan and will have our last build day on Tuesday. Pictures of the steps will be on the Build Day 3 post.

                                            Friday, November 8, 2013

                                            Build Day 2!!

                                            We decided to use different methods today because the other ones just weren't working... and they actually worked! Instead of working as a whole group, we worked as two pairs. Kathryn and Anna kept on working from the beginning to the end, while Emma and Jakob started at the end and worked backward, and they met in the middle. As of today, we have all of the components built, we just need to connect the last ones. Then we are on to recording! However, there were some failures, as always with these kinds of projects, the lower are enclosed. We have pictures of both successful parts and unsuccessful parts.
                                            First part while making improvements.

                                            First part improved. 

                                            Pitcher attached to bowl.

                                            Ramp and pitcher attached to bowl.

                                            Trying to get ramp to stay on bowl while keeping pitcher on bowl as well.

                                            Trying to get marbles behind a wall.

                                            A failed attempt for the wall keeping the marbles back.

                                            Experimental method of keeping marbles stationary

                                            Most edited version of machine.

                                            Us building the machine. 

                                            Improved wall to keep marbles back. 

                                            Us finishing up the wall. 

                                            End of day 2!

                                            Wednesday, November 6, 2013

                                            Build Day 1!

                                            So we're on day one of our building! We met at Emma's house from 4:30-7. We built our first 6 steps, which went off rather well! We changed our original blueprint a little bit by changing the position of the wall and changed the can to a croquet ball.
                                            Here's some pictures!
                                            Starting materials. 

                                            First step.

                                            First steps (building makeshift pendulum device).

                                            Completed inclined plane with wall for can.

                                            First attempt for having first six steps work together.

                                            Second attempt for first six steps working together.

                                            First 6 steps.

                                            End of day 1!